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Movies are awesome. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they uplift us, and make us think. But each movie is a conversation, each movie is a story. And as we get to thinking about what they are trying to tell us, a common theme emerges - they are basically telling us to take charge, to stand up and fight the good fight, to write our own stories.

At K2 Capital, we want to help you do just that. We want to help you write your own story – and be a part of your journey towards being independently wealthy.

Know Your Financial Adviser

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Siddharth Panjwani

Sid is the Founder of K2 Capital, a Mumbai based Investment Advisory service. Prior to K2, Sid co-founded Quintessential Investment Advisors which ran an India focused absolute return strategy and was nominated by Eurekahedge in 2016 and 2018 for the Best India Hedge Fund Category. Sid has an MBA (University Honors) from Carnegie Mellon –Tepper School of Business and a B.Engg in Computer Science from the University of Mumbai. He is a CFA charter holder, and is a SEBI RIA (INA000014085). Sid started working in the investment field in 2004. Prior to moving back to India in 2014, Sid helped run a global, $4 Billion hedge fund specializing in volatility, credit, equity and special situations at Lazard Asset Management, New York, since 2007. Previously, Sid was a Director at Standard & Poor’s Indices, designing several indices to track both active and passive ETFs across multiple asset classes.

What is SEBI RIA?

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  • A SEBI Registered Investment Adviser is, as the name suggests, a financial intermediary regulated by SEBI, India.
  • A SEBI RIA follows a Fee-Only Investment Advisory revenue model and acts in a fiduciary capacity towards clients, disclosing conflicts of interest as and when they arrive:
    • An RIA shall act honestly, fairly and in the best interests of clients and in the integrity of the market.
    • An RIA shall maintain an arms-length relationship between her activities as an investment adviser and other activities.
    • An RIA shall act with due skill, care and diligence in the best interests of clients and shall ensure that advice is offered after thorough analysis and taking into account available alternatives based on risk profiling and suitability of the client.

Our Services

K2's fiduciary lies with you, the client. With a trusted financial advisor by your side, you can be rest assured that we have your best interests at heart - we have to earn and maintain your trust, which is our biggest currency as an advisor. K2 offers a spectrum of services to earn this trust, positioning itself as a CFO for you, not just an investment adviser but a life planner looking at all aspects of wealth management - including evaluating your current investments, retirement plans, and insurance coverage to identify inefficiencies and reduce costs. We can help you identify risks, exposures and costs to help you get the biggest bang for your buck - we follow our passion so that you can follow yours.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Centers around YOU, the client – YOUR goals, YOUR aspirations, YOUR risk appetite.

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Wealth Management

For HNIs with a focus on wealth preservation, we can advise on how to best protect their capital gains using cost effective hedges and profit from volatility

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For NRIs with assets and liabilities in India, we have deep experience in structuring India investments with an understanding of taxation and currency risks

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Risk Measurement & Management

Deep dive into existing portfolio to identify concentration risks, attribute past performance

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International Investing

With deep expertise in the global markets, we offer advice on how to best get exposure to international themes if it is suitable to your risk profile

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DIY Investing

For the rebels, who want to and should do things their own way, we offer slices of portfolios which they can retrofit into their overarching financial plan

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Model Portfolios

The best way to convince an investor that you will help grow her money is by showing how you have grown your own. At K2, we run an internally managed account conservatively invested in Stock and Bond Mutual Funds as well as Direct Equity. The account is also hedged for protection. This is based on our own self-assessed risk profile. Being in the markets helps keep us fresh, sharp, with first-hand experience of the different products in the markets. We also provide clients with full disclosures to avoid conflicts of interest. Also, this account is based on only our own risk profile and may not be suitable for clients with different risk profiles.

Since Jul 1, 2019 (inception), the account has performed as below:

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